Low Pressure Water Roof Cleaning for terracotta and concrete tile roofs

Saving Water during Our Roof Cleaning Process in Melbourne
We are very conscious of the fact that roof high pressure cleaning uses a lot of water.
However, we use high quality contractor grade soft washing machines to do the work.
This means that the roof is sprayed with a low shower pressure.
Also our machines use a fraction of the water used in high pressure cleaning.

High pressure cleaning might use 5000 litres of water, we will use about 100 litres.
Damage to tiled roofs from High Pressure Cleaning
High pressure cleaning with straight concentrated pressure tips will damage the pointing that holds the ridge caps on your roof and if you only want the lichen and moss removed then this creates unnecessary work and expense for you.
It is completely inevitable that high pressure water blasters will damage the pointing and bedding that fixes the ridge caps to your tiled roof. No matter how careful your contractor is some damage will occur. You might not be able to see it from street level but it will happen.
At some point you will pick up the expense of getting your roof pointing repaired,.

Our low pressure system does not cause any damage, its the same as mains pressure so its just like your roof getting a shower.

We protect your roof from needless expense.


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