Patio Deck Driveway and Path Moss Removal Melbourne


Patio Mould and Algae Cleaning Melbourne

You’ve probably seen how some porous surfaces (like sandstone) really get green and slimy or covered in black mould and you would be forgiven to think that these surfaces are beyond repair - they’re not. With a treatment of a product that attacks algae, lichens and mosses these surfaces can be brought back to life again. Pressure cleaning can only strip the surface, and too high pressure can damage the stone, but once treated with a deep cleaning antiseptic based biocide and then a light pressure clean will remove all the dead organic material. Our antiseptic biocide is eco friendly and safe for people pets and plants. Then your patio or paving just needs to have mortar pointing repaired, or kiln dried sand brushed in to the joints, and then sealed.
Driveway Moss and Lichen Cleaning Services Melbourne

Why stop at the roof moss removal?

We can remove moss from driveways, paths and timber decking

Home exteriors over the years get tired in appearance because of mould, pollution and general grime.

We can bring these surfaces back to their original condition and at the same time retard the future mould growth for up to 12 months

Wood deck cleaning Melbourne

Is your decking really slippery? Then the algae causing this needs to be killed off with an eco friendly biocide. We apply the biocide by scrubbing it in to the timber. After that, the decking is cleaned evenly all over without excessive pressure and won’t leave stripes on the timber like a pressure lance would. This is where it pays to have the correct equipment to do the work.

A good coat of decking oil brings everything back to looking good.

If you've got the slime, we've got the time ….! "