Wall Render Cleaning Melbourne

We can remove mould and moss from the outside walls of your rendered home.
The rendering and brickwork on home exteriors and walls over the years get tired in appearance because of mould, pollution and general grime.

Clean and Protect Wall Render Cleaning System

Our system utilises two stages:-
1. We clean the mould or algae or lichen from the wall with our first stage product called SpeedCleanze. This product will generally remove the stains and sanitise the wall. However sometimes around flashings and gutters where there might be severe growth there may be some slight shadow or feint stain remaining after treatment.
2. After stage 1 we apply a biocide. This product will soak into the render pores by capillary action and remain active for up to 2 years killing off any spores that land on the render.
This 2 stage treatment can keep your home looking good without the risk of high pressure cleaning or aggressive chemicals damaging your render.


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Specialised wall render cleaning

Wall render cleaning in Melbourne and surrounding areas by specialist wall render cleaning tradesmen.

We clean:-
  • Cement Renders
  • Acratex style (where the final membrane coat has not been applied)
  • Monocouche (meaning single layer) wall render products

Our product and the method of application has been well thought out for all our weather conditions.

Save Thousands by not painting!
We rarely need access to scaffolding so you can save massive amounts of money by not painting.

All the products we use for cleaning are eco friendly and bio degradable to keep you, your pets and the environment safe and clean.

If you are unsure if we can get your render looking good again just call us or click on the Green enquiry form below

- no pressure, just old fashioned advice


Not high pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning will damage wall render. If the pressure is very high then large areas might need the wall to be completely stripped and new wall render to be applied resulting in a very costly exercise.
You get a written quote, emailed to you if you wish, valid for 30 days so you can have a think, take your time, and make the right decision for you.

What we know about acrylic based or plasticised wall renders

Over the years acrylic/plasticised/polymer based wall render finishes have become the norm for the construction industry due to their flexibility in offering architects and designers new finishes that are much better than just paint. You only have to look at the number of high rise buildings that are finished with renders in an effort to save on maintenance and improve on aesthetic appearance. These are low maintenance and don’t need to be painted but need to be cleaned now and again.

High levels of wall insulation encourage the growth of algae on the render because the outside wall temperature stays close the outside ambient temperature and because of this has a high moisture content. In years gone by when the insulation was not so effective the wall temperature would be a bit higher and this has the effect of keeping the outside wall leaf drier therefore reducing mould, algae and lichen growth.
Sometimes rendered walls are patchy in colour and this may be due to inconsistent insulation effectiveness within the walls or maybe down to heat sources on the wall (such as radiators) making drier areas on the wall inhibit the growth of black mould, green algae and lichens.

We specialise in eco friendly wall render cleaning that’s not using high pressure water blasting/cleaning.
We use a biocide applied with a soft shower spray only using a fraction of the water used in high pressure water cleaning.
A wall render soft wash causes no damage to the wall render or cement pointing and gives a deeper longer lasting cleaning effect. Our product will not stain your paintwork either.
Everyone is safe when using our soft wash product as it is not toxic for people, pets and plants.

What are the black streaks?

clean wall render black streaks
The black streaks are caused by a fungal organism growing within the pores of the wall render where they extract minerals from the render and use these minerals to form a mouldy looking paste to protect themselves from UV light.

These types or organisms can really make porous stone like sandstone look a real mess and the longer it remains the more difficult it is to get rid of. So we have to decide if firstly we remove the black stuff, or kill off the organism. This is where our expertise and experience comes in, as we can’t use high pressure water cleaning on porous stones or porous wall render without destroying the surface. We have an alkaline gel that we spread over the surface first, to remove the black encrusted surface then we apply our eco friendly product to kill off the organism that’s causing the problem.

Tiled roofs self clean a lot easier than walls, so we have to help nature along. Algae on wall renders wash away but where the contamination is deeper as it is with a fungi, then we have to apply another product to ensure removal of the filaments with the porous nature of the wall render or stonework.

So that’s how its done - we eliminate the algae, black streaks and lichen all in one visit. A bit of work, patience and knowledge go a long way towards getting your property looking great again.

Remember it will stay that way for some time - at least 2 years with no visible contamination.

Don’t use high pressure water, or brush with a stiff brush because it will do mechanical damage to your wall render.

Don’t use steam because it can damage the acrylic based resins in the wall render.

Both these options are a temporary fix as the algae and fungi spores start growing again as soon as the job is finished.

Just call us and we’ll do the job properly, and you will get a great job that lasts.
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Render Black Mould Cleaning Melbourne

Black mould or a black stain on your rendered wall is usually composed of a fungus that grows by producing filaments that occupy the gaps or pores in the surface of a rendered wall that needs cleaning. These filaments are like threads and form dense mats and if the conditions are right will form dense mats of the growth and can release pigments and acids when they grow, eventually staining your rendered wall. There is also a bacteria that produces a black colour but the surface would be like a slime and with a green tinge. An application of our eco friendly wall render cleaner will disperse these growths but care will need to be taken with the fungal form as this can take longer to remove. It may take 2 or 3 applications to remove it properly. Once done, an application of our preventative product will keep your wall looking good for 2 years or more and generally up to 4 years for any re growth to occur that's visible.

Black metabolites - result of fungi on your wall

black fungi and green algae on wall

How to remove black mould from exterior render walls

If you get black mould on your rendered walls its likely that the wall is damp or faces north where the sun can’t get to it and dry it out. This mould grows by leaching minerals from the wall render and turning them into a black crusty substance that’s difficult to remove. The mould does this to protect itself from UV. We tackle this by applying a cleaner with only a soft wash, no high pressure or damage to the render might result. Then we rinse down, apply and second treatment, rinse again then apply a preventative soft wash. Job done!
Render can be prone to lichen growth but we can low pressure clean then spray with our specially formulated product will inhibit the lichen and moss growth. We first spray the wall lichen and moss, leave it for an hour with our specially formulated SpeedCleanze, By this time the algae, lichens and mosses will be killed off and can be low pressure sprayed with fresh water to leave the wall looking like new.
Then give it another treatment with some gentle brushing with BioCleanze and this will keep the wall clean for a couple of years.
We can bring these surfaces back to their original condition and at the same time retard the future mould growth for up to 24 months

Wall renders have become more high tech and plasticised over the years so patching up gets more difficult, so we’ll be careful!